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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ice Ball Mold by StyloPhora Review

When I came across the Ice Ball Molds for review I found them to be interesting as I had never seen anything like them before. I am sure similar products have been on the market for years but I have never had a reason to seek out such a product. I now wish I would have found these or something similar YEARS ago when I was always making mixed drinks at parties or gatherings. 
The StyloPhora Ice Balls Molds are made out of silicone, which is a nonporous material that is used for many different things. The Ice Ball Molds are just for that molding ice into balls that you can set into your drinks whether they are mixed drinks at a gathering or your everyday drinks at home. The big balls of ice melt slower then ice cubes meaning your drink won't get watered down super quick.


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Akvis OilPaint Review

I was give the opportunity to review the AKVIS OilPaint software, for applying an being a member of the Tomoson site. I applied for the promotion as I love working with pictures and editing them. Any new editing software I can get my hands on I will try my hand at it and see what the outcome is. The AKVIS OilPaint software can be purchased online by visiting their site. This particular program runs around $50 USD when you purchase it. I was emailed my product key code once I was approved to review the software. 

Have you ever been fascinated by oil paintings you have seen in galleries, homes of folks you visit or the ones in movies on TV? You can now create your own oil painting in seconds using the AKVIS OilPaint program. 
You will receive a product code that you will be prompt to enter once you download the software from the AKVIS OilPaint site. I was able to download the AKVIS OilPaint software with ease. I did NOT experience any difficulties during the download session. Once the program has downloaded you will want to enter your product code to register your AKVIS OilPaint software.