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Friday, August 10, 2012

My First Blogger Award-Liebster Award :)

WOW I am EXCITED for my FIRST Blogger Award!!
My blog was chosen as a nominee for a  blogger award by Morissa over at Honey Do's & Product Reviews! How exciting is that?! Now my task is to find 11 blogs who have less then 200 followers, which maybe a task since most everyone I follow has WAY over 200 so we will see what I can do. I love reading your comments and thoughts so please feel free to keep sharing.
Playing by the Rules:  Each person must post eleven things about themselves.  Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.  Come up with eleven other questions for the people that you are going to tag.  Choose eleven people (with less than 200 followers) and tag them in your post, no tagbacks.  Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees.

11 Random Things About Me:
Ah this is ALWAYS hard I remember when people would tag me in such things like this when Myspace was cool ;) and I would ALWAYS have issues with coming up with 5-10 Random things about me! Well here goes NOTHING :)

1.) I currently hold a Class A CDL which means I can drive 18-wheelers :) I drove for 3 months solid before having to come off the road to be with my mom :( I miss being out on the open road and hope I can go back soon!

2.) Most may pick on me for this one but oh well I am NOT ashamed of it, being 20 something I STILL sleep with my baby blanket that I got when I was 3yrs old it is falling apart and looks so horrible! It is a comfort thing for me an I REFUSE to toss it in the trash since it was also bought for me by my Paw Paw who is now walking the streets of gold in Heaven.

3.) I have a pantie obsession I LOVE buying cute,sexy and adorable panties however, I HATE wearing them!

4.) This is NOT my only blog I have several others one is public which can be found here A Country Girl's NOT So Simple Life this is where I do adult reviews,sponsored posts as well as blog about my personal life to an extent. Feel free to follow but note you MUST be 18+ if you aren't I am NOT responsible for what you stumble across.

5.) I love to sing no matter where I am laying in bed,driving in the car,in the shower or up cleaning. I often wonder sometimes how my trainer even slept when I was out on the road since I sing at the top of my lungs and LOVE my music loud :)

6.) I have a VERY short attention span in fact, I have been working on this post for more then about 2 hours I keep finding myself on Facebook and a few other sites. I tend to wonder away from what I am suppose to be doing.

7.) I have a Scentsy addiction too I have TONS of warmers and a TON of wax for my warmers but sadly I don't use them all the time like I use to.

8.) I am outgoing I am NOT shy if I have something to say I will say it! I often times can be just as surprised as everyone else with what comes out of my mouth, one of those my mouth operates faster then brain things! I wonder if it could also be one of those I don't have the little voice in my head that says "HEY, do NOT say that!!", I really wonder now.

9.) There are ALWAYS 3 windows up on my computer Yahoo,Facebook and an Adult Website. Never is my computer up and on without those 3 tabs being open, no matter what I come on here for I always find myself on one of those 3 sites which could be why 24hrs later this is still not posted!

10.) I enjoy trying new products and being able to review them for several companies :)  which is one reason why I have 2 blogs one for adult reviews and one for family fun reviews.

11.) I am very easily distracted and somehow NEVER get things done in a timely manner when it comes to being on the computer.

My 11 Questions for My 11 Nominees:

1.) What is your favorite season/time of year and why?
My favorite time of the year would be "winter" why do I say it like that well in Florida we really don't have a winter we have more like Fall and Summer. I love the "winter" months and weather because I LOVE cold weather.

2.) What is your number one guilty pleasure (could be food or anything else)?
Right now my guilty pleasure is a website where I earn points for MANY different items that can used in and out of the bedroom.

3.) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was little around the age of 8 I always told my parents I would drive the beer truck well 17 years later I got my Class A CDLs but chose NOT to drive the beer truck manual labor isn't for me! I did drive tractor trailers though.

4.)If you had the power to change one thing about yourself (appearance or otherwise) what would it be?
Really I am not sure how to answer this one without getting to private we will just say there is a thing or two I would LOVE to change but so far I am the ONLY one who complains about it.

5.) What type of hobbies do you have other than blogging?
I love taking pictures in my spare time but haven't really done much photography in the past year or 2 "/ I really miss being behind the camera, I am currently thinking of attempting self portraits with the help of the wonderful timer on my camera :) I also scrapbook which again I haven't done in year because I don't really have a place to set everything up at and I have TONS of stuff to use for scrapbooking. My scrapbook adventures started dwindling when I got a digital camera and no longer had to develop the pictures in order to see them. Other things I enjoy doing is hanging out with friends and family

6.) If you could eat only one things for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Chicken, I could eat chicken everyday and NEVER get tired of it since there are just so MANY different ways to prepare it. In fact, 98% of my meals consist of chicken so guess if that is all I would ever be able to eat again I would not have a problem with that.

7.) Do you believe there is life on other planets?
Well I am not really sure, I mean there could be

8.) What have you never tried, but would really like to someday?
Hmmm, this one is a hard one I had always wanted to give it a shot at driving Semis an I have accomplished that. I really want to go bungee jumping but, with my anxiety and everything I am not sure that would workout so well.

9.) What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Many things have been really hard an I think the two are a tie almost loosing my mom several times and burying my Paw Paw :'(

10.) If you were filling a time capsule to be opened by your great-grandchildren, what would you put in it?
Well I don't have kids right now but hope to in the future! Hypothetically speaking I would probably put all kinds of pictures of relatives in there,maybe some different electronics so they could see how things change.

11.)If you were invisible for just one day where would you go and what would you do? Why?
Interesting you ask I think I would probably spy on some people to see exactly what they left me for or say about me when I am not around. May also scare the living daylights out of some people.

My 11 Questions for You!

1.) Why did you start a blog? Is it Family Friendly? Adult Content? or Just Because?!
2.) Favorite Animal whether it be a pet you have now or any animal in the wild?
3.) How long have you been blogging? 
4.) If you could travel anywhere where would it be and why? 
5.) Guilty pleasures we all have them what are your's? (Shopping,Food ect....)
6.) Desk Top or Laptop which do you prefer and why?
7.) Siblings do you have them? If so, are you the oldest,youngest, middle child?
8.) What are some of your FAVORITE bloggers you follow?
9.) Iphone or Android? Which do you prefer?
10.) Hobby, do you have one besides blogging?
11.) What was/is your dream job?

Bloggers I follow with under 200 Followers 
You are suppose to choose 11 blogs with less then 200 followers but these are the only 2 right now that I follow that have less then 200. 

Mary-Life is Serious Business
This & That Reviews


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