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Monday, June 16, 2014

Solid Cordz 6ft Extension Cord Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

 I am not sure about you but I know in my house you can NEVER have too many
extension cords EVER! If it isn't someone needing an extension cord to run power tools it is someone needing an extension cord to use the Shop Vac to clean out their car. Either way we can honestly NEVER have too many in my house. When I seen the extension cords up for grabs to review from Solid Cordz I definitely jumped on applying to review the Premium 6 Foot Extension Cord. It was a 2 pack so you could look at it as 2 6ft extension cords or a 12ft extension cord if you connected them! These aren't flimsy extension cords by any means, I know I have had some extension cords that weren't encased in a super thick covering the way these Premium Extension Cords from Solid Cordz!

There are many uses for extension cords:
Christmas Lights
Computer Hookups
Making Your Power Strip Longer
Need An Electronic Plugged In Closer But Your Cord Doesn't Fully Reach
Electric Blower, Weed Eater, Electric Edger

I mean we could easily go on and on, on what you would need an extension cord for.

You can read and see in the above photos that this particular extension cord is UL rated! The Solid Cordz 6ft Premium Extension Cord is also fully rated for 125 volts or 13 amps. 

So far the only use I have really gotten out of these cords for the time being was when my dog was sick. :( I know you are probably wondering what does a sick dog have to do with an extension cord?! Mind boggled I am sure! My dog was super sick roughly 2 weeks ago an there was nowhere for me to plug my phone in to charge but still have it close to me. Normally I plug my phone into the power bar by my bed. I wasn't sleeping in my room I was trying to stay away playing games on my phone so I could keep an eye on my dog. I was able to comfortably be right there with my dog when she was sick thanks the an additional 6ft of cord that I was able to plugin across the living room from where I sitting in the floor by my dog's chair. Oddly enough this isn't why I applied for the cords but they honestly couldn't have come at a better time!!

I will be using the Premium 6ft Extension Cords by Solid Cordz when I move things around in my room again and rearrange my desk. A woman can NEVER have too many power cords, I mean unless she has no idea where they all belong. Don't worry though I don't have that issue. 

I will say that I do believe that these extension cords will hold up for a long good while! 

According to the site Solid Cordz has a "NO Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee" so if you don't like the cords or you have issues you still have this safety net to fall back on.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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